Arkansas Trucking Association

About The Arkansas Trucking Association

The ATA promotes the health of the Arkansas trucking industry on issues that have a direct impact on member companies and our state and national economies. The Association is owned and governed by more than 300 trucking companies and important industry suppliers. Members range from firms with 5 or fewer trucks to some of the nation’s largest freight and logistics companies. 

The ATA’s mission is to advance the trucking industry's image, efficiency, competitiveness and profitability. ATA’s comprehensive range of services, products and member benefits are designed to help members compete and succeed. 

We work with the state and nation’s capitols to make sure the industry’s collective policy interests are advanced on federal, state and local matters. 

Tradeshows, member-led industry groups and corporate services promote industry best practices and efficiencies to help members companies, their executives and employees. 

The Arkansas Trucking Association welcomes businesses for corporate membership that support a strong, united trucking industry in Arkansas.

Our Mission is Simple

  • PROTECT the collective interests of trucking companies in the political and regulatory arenas. 
  • PROMOTE the dynamics of trucking so that people have a better understanding of the link between America's primary freight delivery system and the standard of living they enjoy.
  • SERVE our members to help them to grow their business and their profits.

To obtain a complete listing of our corporate membership services, please contact our office at 501-372-3462 or email us at

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