Carlyle Van Lines

When you first see the freshly painted trucks pull up next to your house and are greeted by the uniformed workers who kindly shake your hand, you will begin to understand why Carlyle Van Lines has become one of the most successful moving companies in the country. Since our inception, we have strived to facilitate a professional moving experience from a company that prides itself on family values and customer service.

Carlyle began as a one truck moving company in 1961 in rural Missouri and has progressively doubled its moving capacity to the point where in 2009, we successfully moved 7,200 families. From our humble beginnings to our growing future, we have not been surpassed in quality and professionalism, and we prove this with every family we move.

We would like you to become one of the many families to encounter a moving company who knows your successful transition and positive experience is the most important thing to you, and our company.

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