Gangloff Industries, Inc.

Founded in 1992 in Logansport, Indiana, Gangloff Industries, Inc. started from a prior company Gangloff and Downham, which had discontinued operations. Randy R. Ferguson, Owner/CEO, along with Mark Gangloff, President, wanted to make their own vision of a transportation company while answering the need for a refrigerated transportation company.

After serving in the Marine Corps, Randy spent most of his life in the transportation industry until acquiring the rights to the company and founding the business known today as Gangloff Industries. Mark—who is the owner of the Property that is home to Gangloff Industries, Inc.—has spent his entire life associated with the transportation industry in many different roles.

Together Randy and Mark have a combined total of over 80 yrs experience in the industry, the majority of which is temperature controlled. Gangloff first started in 1992 with 16 company trucks, an additional five owner/operator trucks, and 40 trailers. Today, the company has expanded to 24 company trucks, 15 owner operators, and 105 trailers.

Along the way, Gangloff Industries has gained a reputation for providing excellent customer service, growing their number of customers served over time through the virtues and values of their dedication to premier service and providing the highest quality care.

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