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 Smith Transport Inc 153 Smith Transport Road Roaring Spring Pennsylvania 16673

The founder and owner of Smith Transport, Mr. Barry F. Smith, began his storied career at the age of sixteen. Mr. Smith began his own business by contracting the hauling of milk and cream from dairies in the region. At age eighteen, he began his long-haul career in trucking as an independent contractor.

While operating his own unit, Mr. Smith also managed a fleet of five trucks for his father. At this critical juncture, Barry also began to learn the difficult tasks involved in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling a fleet of trucks. With this valuable experience in hand, Mr. Smith set out on a new entrepreneurial endeavor by purchasing and refurbishing long-haul tractors. This was the beginning of the transportation element of the business as we know it today.

A short time later, the demand for warehouse and storage space in the local area led to the initiation of another productive business venture and Smith Transport Warehouse was established. Successful acquisition of some large, loyal, and dedicated accounts was the catalyst for the phenomenal growth of the organization in the following years.

The dedication to achieve quality and excellence of service to customers within the company is never-ending. The company has grown from operating five tractors to nearly 1,000 units. Warehousing space now approaches 2,000,000 square feet. A full line of logistics services are tailored and customized to meet the unique and precisely defined requirements of a multitude of customers with which Smith Transport, Inc. and Smith Transport Warehouse have forged long-term strategic alliances.


Vision - We at Smith Transport work by the motto “Dedicated to Excellence,” which extends to all parts of the organization. It is our goal to focus on safety, service, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our operation. This attitude is reflected in the job that we do for our customers on a daily basis whether it is addressing capacity needs, partnering for Just in Time deliveries, or meeting rigorous safety initiatives.

Organizational Values - Our organization has always valued uncompromising effort and determination. Since rising from underdog to industry player, we have seen results born out of such values. We strive to improve the community in which we do business, in addition to promoting a balance of career and family for our people. These values are accomplished all while delivering second-to-none service to our customers. We believe that running our organization in this manner is simply the “right way” to do business. We are still headquartered in the small town of Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, away from large cities and industrial areas. Our commitment to small town values and big-time customer solutions remains unwavering.


We built our reputation on customer based transportation solutions. We have always been focused on finding a sensible, cost-effective answer to supply chain issues. Our use of satellite communication and in-truck navigation puts us at the forefront of industry service. We also protect our environment as a member of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, in addition to many environmental sustainability initiatives. Having freight delivered on the brilliantly recognizable black and chrome trucks of the Smith Transport fleet shows that our customers take great pride in their products. We have partnered with many of the leading brands in our country to provide first-class transportation while demonstrating to their customers and competition alike that they don’t compromise in any aspect of their operation. Show the world what you’re made of and have Smith Transport deliver for you.


An enduring commitment to safety is part of our daily landscape at Smith Transport. We feel a sense of responsibility to America’s motoring public that drives us to cutting-edge safety technology and instruction. We own and operate two L-3 driving simulators that are made to function in just the same way as the flight simulators used by commercial airlines and the United States Military to train pilots. Our drivers participate in classroom instruction, as well as simulated drives, throughout their career at Smith Transport that allows them to prepare for dangerous road conditions in a controlled environment. We are able to instruct drivers on the essential countermeasures that will keep you and your family safe when travelling near one of our trucks. This type of experience is invaluable as it promotes deliberate and proven driving techniques that avoid hazardous situations long before they even develop. When you see our trademark black and chrome Smith Transport truck near you on the roadway, rest assured that the driver behind the wheel is a true professional.


Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to be recognized by our customers and other industry organizations for excellent service and safety. Below you will see awards that make us proud of our accomplishments. However, we don’t intend to stop here. We aim to increase these accomplishments each passing year.



Located in the scenic mountains of Central Pennsylvania, Roaring Spring is home to our largest terminal along with a full-service maintenance shop and the state-of-the-art corporate office facility.

Our location in Roaring Spring, PA, is tactically located next to I-99, just south of I-80 and north of the PA turnpike. A state-of-the-art corporate facility with a cutting-edge operations center sits on the 40-acre property next to our full-service maintenance shop. Easy access to main transportation arteries makes this a prime location.


Strategically situated just off of I-65 and less than 100 miles from downtown Chicago, Remington is home to our Midwest operation. The large grounds house a maintenance facility and ample vehicle staging.

The ability to serve metro Chicago and Indianapolis is a great asset of our Remington location. An expansive property that houses a maintenance facility and a dispatch center is located directly next to I-65. Midwest service can be handled with ease from this terminal.


Smith Transport’s home in the Southeast offers a hub right near the action of the Atlanta metro area. Everything in the region is right at our fingertips.

Dedicated and over-the-road operations are run from our Ellenwood, GA, position. The Atlanta metro area offers many opportunities for Smith Transport to provide unparalleled service for our customers. The Ellenwood terminal completes the triangle of our service connecting us with the Southeast.

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